Insitu stresses

I get high insitu equilibrium errors and cannot find out why.
The equilibrium errors should be zero at the insitu stage for all types of analyses. If you have high errors it can be due to several problems.

1) check changes

Why does the Stress Convertor add Excess pore pressures to my in situ stresses?
This is a bug. The value entered here by the stress convertor is actually the void ratio. Delete this value before running the analysis,

I have a spreadsheet that calculates my in situ stresses for me. Is there any way that I can copy this directly into the in situ stresses form?
Press the grey layer number on the left hand side of the in situ stress form. This highlights the information for the whole layer. Select the data for the first layer in your spreadsheet and copy this into the clipboard. Go back to SAGE CRISP and press SHIFT Insert to copy from the clipboard into the in situ stress form.

NOTE: You will have to include layer number as the left most column in your spreadsheet and all your column data should match that in the in situ stresses form. If this is not done, you will get data copied to the wrong place.