Why do I get "Invalid Use of Null" when plotting Instance or Duration graphs?
This can happen when plotting data in version 3.02 that was created in version 3.01. Rerun the analysis in version 3.02 and all plotting functions will run without this message

My Y axis title is perpendicular to the Y axis, not parallel.
Some fonts are not rotatable,try changing the font and see if you still experience the problem

When I try and Plot Instance Graph the option to define the increment only allows upto 3 digits, hence upto 999! Is there a workaround for him to plot the graph for an increment > 1000?

3.01 only let you plot 999 increments.

Version 3.02 will allow you to plot upto 32000 !!!!

Solution:- upgrade

When I open the Post Processor and open analysis, for which I have previously generated bending moment graph and try and open one of the graphs, I get the message 'Subscript out of Range'
Select some of the elements for which you have plotted bending moment graphs then go back to the graph form. You should no longer have any difficulty redrawing the graphs.