Why does the element not turn green when I click back to the start node?
This is usually due to the Crtl key being used when clicking back to the start node. This means that a new node has been created and selected rather than the first node (Zooming in will confirm this). Clicking on the last node and then on the start node

Why can I not close super elements in structured mesh mode?
Only quadralaterial elements are allowed in the structured mesh mode and so the program will not allow you to create either line elements or triangular elements.

How do I create bar and beam elements?
Exacltly the same way as all other elements. Click on the first node and then click back on the first. The element will then turn green to show that the program has closed the element successfully.

Does it matter whether I define the element clockwise or anticlockwise?
No. The interface will always pass the elements to the engine in an anticlockwise mannor no matter how they were created

How many elements can I make?
The pre and post processors of version 4 allow 2000 elements. The older version 3 allows for 1000 elements.