File GWVBX32.OCX failing to register when installing version 4

Possible installation problem if Microsoft Foundation Classes version 6 are loaded on your system

The file GWVBX32.OCX is the main graphic interface of SAGE-CRISP.
It is compiled using C++ version 5 which makes use of Microsoft Foundation Class library version 4.2
If you have Visual Studio version 6 installed on your system, then the GWVBX32.OCX will not register and you will get a message informing you of that during the installtion.
You can make sure of this by checking the date of the following files:
If the date of these files is 17 June 1998, then file GWVBX32.OCX in our default installtion will not install correctly

In order to solve this problem, another version of GWVBX32.OCX is provided here. This is compiled with C++ version 6.
You would need to copy the files in this direcotry into your Windows\system directory (or Winnt\system32 on the NT and Windows2000 systems). Then you would need to register the file GWVBX32.OCX manually in your system registry. To do that shell to the command line and go to directory windows\system and type the command
Alternativly you can click on file gwvbx32.ocx with the right hand button of your mouse, click on copy,
then click on file regsvr32.exe with the right hand button and select paste to register the file.

Download file GWVBX32.OCX which is complied with MFC ver 6 DLLs

If you experience any problems, please email us.

PS Its possible for us to compile our GWVBX32.OCX with MFC version 6 DLLs in the default setup. But the inclusion of MFC version 6 DLLs is likely to cause problems for other third party applications. So this solution is restricted to people with Visual Studio version 6 only.