Problems with Dbos when using SAGE-CRISP 3.02 (or earlier)

Dbos is a run-time utility produced by Salford Fortran. It is needed for the earlier versions of CRISP (before version 4). You can either upgrade to version 4 to avoid potential problems with Dbos, or check the procedure below to insure that Dbos is loaded correctly.

When installing the Dbos run time software you will be asked one question at the end of the installation:

Do you wish to update your Autoexec.bat file so that Dbos starts automatically?

You must answer NO. This is especially important if you are using Windows 95 (or 98) as the computer would not start properly afterwards (you would then need to go into Safe Mode and remove the Dbos command from the Autoexec.bat file)

If you are in doubt whether Dbos is installed correctly, then all you need is to shell to Dos (by double clicking on the Dos icon) and type DBOS in the Dos window. If loaded succesfully, you should see a message starting with Dbos 486 version 3.11.. Followed by a box detailing copy write information from Salford Software, then few lines describing the current available memory on your system.

If, upon typing Dbos in a Dos Window you get the message
Bad command or file name
then you probably haven't got the the directory of Dbos in your Autoexec Path. Edit the Autoexec.bat file and add the directory C:\DBOS.DIR to the Path statement and re-start your computer. Try typing Dbos again in a Dos window as described above.

If upon typing DBOS in the Dos Window you get the following two messages Dbos cannot be loaded in virtual mode appearing in the Dos window followed by, Dbos may not run well unless it is run in MS-DOS...etc appearing in a Windows message box then you need to edit the file SYSTEM.INI in your Windows directory and go to the section which starts with [386Enh]. Insert the following command under the [386Enh] header:

Device = c:\dbos.dir\wdbos.386

Re-boot and try typing Dbos in a Dos window again to make sure that Dbos can be loaded correctly.