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CRISP2D Downloads

You can now download either


The PowerPoint presentation (size 558 KB) will give you an idea about this geotechnical finite element software.

If you are satisfied, you can proceed to download the free educational version.

If you experience problems in downloading, please send us a request for the educational CD, stating your name and address.

The education/evaluation version is limited to 150 elements and 200 nodes. There is no time limit on this version. Its possible to solve small geotechnical problems with this free version which would enable you to examine the capabilities and user friendliness of the program as well as learn how to solve geotechicnal problems using the finite element method.

The file techman.pdf is the Technical Reference manual for version 4. This file contains information on types of elements in CRISP and constitutive models available. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader ver 3 or later installed. This documents is about 1.2MB large. You may wish to save it on your computer before opening, To do so, point to file use the right hand mouse button and click on Save Link As.. option.

The file sctutor.pdf is the examples manual. This may be used as a tutorials manual to help learn how to assemble mesh and perform analysis. This file is about 2.3 MByte.

The file userman.pdf is the user manual which contains general information on use of the software.

Your comments on the CRISP software are highly appreciated.