15th CRISP Users Group Meeting

The 15th CRISP Users Group Meeting was for the second year running held at University College London on the 19th of September 2002.

Several quality presentations were made covering areas such as use of new soil models, use of 3D CRISP for offshore applications, use of CRISP in complex undrground structures and dynamic analysis applications concerning liquefaction under a breakwater.

About 22 delegates turned up at this meeting. Delegates were from Southampton University, City University, UCL, Surrey University, South Bank University, Mouchel Consultants, Earth Tech Engineering, and London Underground.

Some of the presentations made at the meeting are given at this link:

CUGM2002 Presentations

Finally, we would like to thank Professor Tony Swain and Dr Richard Bassett and staff at UCL for helping in hosting the meeting once again in this great venue