14th CRISP Users Group Meeting

The 14th CRISP Users Group Meeting was held at University College London on Friday 21st of September 2001.

Several presentations were made covering areas such as use of new soil models, use of CRISP for special applications such as limit analysis of suction piles in 3D, axi-symmetric analysis of underground shaft structures, and use of CRISP in problems involving rising ground water table.

About 25 delegates turned up at this meeting. Delegates were from Nottingham University, City University, UCL, Surrey University, South Bank University, Glasgow University, Mouchel Consultants, Oscar Faber, London Underground and Femsys Ltd.

Some of the presentations made at the meeting are given at this link:

CUGM2001 Presentations

Among the delegates was Andrew Lees and Skevi Perdikou who first met at the 1999 CRISP user group meeting in Southampton. We are pleased to hear that they are now engaged! Many congratulations.

Finally, we would like to thank Professors Tony Swain and Richard Bassett and staff at UCL for helping in hosting the meeting in this great venue